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Kirtans from the Heart

Award-winning Melbourne-born singer/songwriter Manika Kaur tells her inspiring story, and how she uses her talents to raise money for charities all over the world.

Don't dismiss the Sanskrit

Melbourne's Amanda McLean discusses is Sanskrit old-fashioned and confusing, or does it add a profound depth of meaning and energy that can intensify a practice?

Facing Fear

Nancy Jackson discusses how our practice gives us options to investigate the challenges of fear and shift instead into strength.

Beyond the Body - Mindfulness

Leigh Merchant explores mindfulness as part of our practice and how developing this skill draws our attention to the present moment.

Yoga and the AFL

A story for the guys that should encourage them to start yoga! Share this story with your male friends.

In conversation with David Swenson

Dani Ceccarelli spoke with David, one of the world's leading Ashtanga yogis, during his first trip to Australia late last year. Enjoy some great insights into the early years of yoga and how a practice changes over the years.

The training of a Western guru

Peggy Hailstones talks with Melbourne's Swami Shankarananda at the Mount Eliza ashram exploring this Brooklyn-born Jewish boys life story.

Sigmund Freud - accidental Guru?

At first glance Freud and yoga might seem to have little in common. But look again! Dr Jane Wiesner shows some fascinating parallels.

Yogis Packing Pistols

American writer Ed Staskus' confronting article about ahimsa, guns and yogis in the USA

Brisbane's 8th annual YogaFest

Don't miss this great event in July. Get your tickets early.


Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana – Twisting Half Moon Pose
Dan Alder takes us through this posture and gives us some great insights how to master this balance pose.

Vinyasa - Shoulder opening sequence

Here are the regular features you will find in our current issue.

Notes from the classroom

Tina Wild looks shares how her practice helped her cope with the grief of losing a loved one.


Do your legs tremble in Downward Dog? Sydney's Simon and Bianca from Yoga Synergy answer this, and other student's questions.

Yoga Quest

Our overseas contributor Siddhartha Krishna takes a look at the philosophical side of yoga.

Sutras - Sacred Threads

Understand the sutras and how to use them in your day-to-day life.

This Yoga Life

Trish tells her story how she navigated cyberspace and achieved a meaningful and balanced exchange between online, and physical communities.

Prana Rahasya

Sydney based yoga teacher Sindar Kaur answers your pranayama questions.


Recipes from Greece can lead to a longer life

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